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Blogs from November, 2016


It isn’t uncommon for kids to have illogical fears about the toilet. Perhaps they watched Jaws and are now scared of a shark coming to attack them, or if they watched It, they could be afraid of a clown crawling up the pipes. Even though it might be ridiculous for a shark or clown to be dwelling in your toilet, it isn’t unheard of for other creepy crawlies to find their way in there. Our Bartlett plumbers share some real, frightening creatures that could be hiding in your toilet right now.


Snakes are notorious for finding ways to slither up piping. Just recently in Thailand, a man was bitten by a snake while using the toilet.


These amphibious creatures enjoy damp, warm environments. They can easily slip into some piping to avoid the heat or cold. Most lizards are harmless and can be caught pretty easily.


Frogs, like lizards and other amphibians, love the damp, warm environment of a toilet. Frogs aren’t normally frightening, but finding one splashing in your plumbing would give anyone a start.


Rats are notorious nuisances for any home. They can get into walls, under floorboards, and into your plumbing. Finding a rat in your plumbing is much more common than most might suspect.


We recently shared a blog about “4 Crazy Things Found Inside Pipes.” One thing found was a live badger. Though it might seem impossible, there have been instances where badgers, possums, and other critters have made their way into plumbing systems. Contact a plumber or pest control specialist for help if you find yourself with one of these creatures where they shouldn’t be.

Hopefully, this blog hasn’t scared you into never using your toilet again; but maybe checking what’s inside before using it is a good idea. At Smith's Plumbing Services, our Bartlett plumbers can help you if you find a creature in your plumbing. Call our office today!

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