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Blogs from December, 2016


Pipes don’t last forever. After decades of use (or if our home is more than 60 years old), they eventually corrode and require complete replacement. If you fail to replace them, leaks may occur that can potentially cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

The following are ways you can check your plumbing for any signs of wear:

  • Look for stains. Inspect the walls and on surfaces underneath piping that may indicate leaks. Even though drips may not be apparent, stains mean a past leak that signals future issues.
  • Inspect the tubing. Look for any signs of stains, discoloration, pimples, dimpling, or flaking since they all indicate corrosion on some level.
  • Be aware of leaks. While small leaks can be easily repaired, they may mean that the time for replacing your plumbing system is coming soon.
  • Check color of water. If the water has a brownish or yellowish color, what you see is rust, which is a sign of decay within your pipes.

If any of these signs are evident, it is imperative to contact a professional plumber to determine the necessary action to take. If you are in pipe repairs or replacement in Tennessee, contact Smith’s Plumbing and speak with our Bartlett plumber today.

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