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Blogs from November, 2016


When people call for their clogged drains to be cleaned out, the culprit to the clog is usually something reasonable, like hair or soap scum. However, some plumbers have gone in to find crazy things blocking up people’s pipes. Our Bartlett plumbers share some crazy stories passed on from other plumbers that might make you question what is actually in your piping…

A Livet Badger

Some plumbers have reported finding animals in pipes and drains, including snakes, fish, turtles, and more. However, a Scottish plumber was shocked to find a live badger in the sewer line he was servicing. The badger was rescued and made a full recovery.

Expensive Jewelry

You would think that high-value and treasured items wouldn’t make their way into the plumbing system, but accidents do happen. In one instance, a woman called a plumber to retrieve a $10,000 charm bracelet that had been flushed down an airport toilet. It makes us wonder about all of the shiny treasures that have never been found…


Some of the items people try to flush down the toilet can be mind-boggling. And why some people will flush their clothes instead of throw them away, we will never know. There was a story about a man who tried to flush 14 pairs of underwear away. Even stranger, one men’s restroom had a toilet clogged with a training bra. Why? We will probably never know.

An Entire Six-Pack of Beer

It’s almost impressive to think of a customer managing this incredible feat. How? Why? Did he drink it after it was retrieved? These are all questions that will never be answered. But one thing is for sure: that plumber received the surprise of his life when he unclogged the pipe.

Plumbers truly are the unsung heroes of clogs and drains. The consistently defy all odds and retrieve items that should never be in your piping. Call Smith's Plumbing Services if you have a clog that you need a hero to help with!

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