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Blogs from May, 2019


It’s Memorial Day, and you know what that means: the unofficial start of summer! And with the change in seasons comes change in your home’s plumbing needs. Keep reading to get your plumbing ready for summer, with the expert Memphis plumbers at Smith's Plumbing Services!

5 Helpful Tips to Get Your Plumbing Ready for Summer

  1. Inspect Your Washing Machine: You may not think about it much, but most homeowners spend far more time washing clothes in summer. This means your equipment needs to be primed for increased use. Check your washing machine’s hoses for leaking or cracks, and make sure the unit is far enough away from the wall to avoid safety issues. The older your machine is, the better idea it is to have it inspected. After all, nothing ruins summer fun (not to mention your clothes and laundry room) like a flood caused by your washing machine!
  2. Have Your Sewer Line Professional Checked: Sewer lines also receive increase use during the summer, and it is not uncommon for older ones to get clog and crack under the pressure. This can result in unwanted rain water drainage, or nasty sewer backups in your basement. Make sure to have your sewer line inspected this summer before this happens to you.
  3. Look Out for Leaks:  Leaks are the scourge of the plumbing world year-round, and often signify over-use. In the summer particularly, when you may find yourself using more water because of the heat, it’s important to take it easy on your system. Conserve water when possible, and watch out for leaks in your faucets and drains. And of course, if you do find a leak, make sure to call a professional plumber to get it repaired.
  4. Make Sure your Sprinkler System Is Ready: There is no feature of your plumbing system as singularly tied to summer as your sprinkler. Make sure yours is ready to go this year by checking that there are no leaks and ensuring it will not flood your lawn. With the opinion of a professional plumber, you may able to get a better idea of whether your sprinklers are effectively taking care of your yard, or just wasting water unnecessarily.
  5. Examine Your Garbage Disposal: Between barbecues and cookouts around the 4th of July and such, most people tend to entertain a lot more during the summer. This should provide added incentive to make sure your garbage disposal is working correctly, given how much more food it is likely to deal with. Carefully examine your equipment for clogs or breaks, and if necessary, call a plumber to have it serviced. And remember, tell everyone not to put things like water melon rinds or corn husks in it—that’s just going to lead to you having to replace the whole thing!

Year-round, Smith's Plumbing Services provides all the plumbing work you need! Call (901) 290-1110 to schedule an inspection this summer, or click here to request service online.

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