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Blogs from December, 2018


If you are experiencing frequent plumbing problems, it might be time to have your home re-piped. But how do you know for sure? At Smith’s Plumbing Services, our Bartlett plumbers want you to have all the facts before you commit to overhauling your entire system. Read this guide designed to help you know when it’s time, and contact Smith’s Plumbing Services for reliable re-piping in Shelby County today.

Signs Your System Needs to Be Re-Piped

  1. Bad Smells: If your water continues to waft nasty or funky odors every time you take a sniff, there’s a good chance there’s a problem with your pipes. Bad smelling water may be the result of the material in your pipes breaking down over time, or leaks (see below) letting in various contaminants. Regardless of what the issue is, if you’ve tried everything else and your water isn’t improving, it may be time to consider re-piping.
  2. Bad Tastes: This is pretty much the same as #1, just switched from your nose to your mouth. If one sense doesn’t like your water pressure, it’s a good bet your other senses won’t either. Which leads us to…
  3. Discoloration: Is your water a rusty, brown color? It’s you’re living in a municipal area with hard water, you will want to purchase a filter or purifier to make the smell, taste, and color less mineral-heavy. That said, if the water is inconsistently discolored, or starts off one color and then becomes clear, your plumbing could be breaking down, and it may be time to re-pipe.
  4. Loud Noises: Ideally, you will only hear your pipes make noise when you’re in the shower, or using the sink, or running water in some other way. But while the noise of running water may be common and fixable enough, banging noises and other loud sounds coming from pipes are an indication that your plumbing is old, and will soon need to be replaced.
  5. Temperature Problems: While certain systems are harder to control than others, extreme difficulty changing temperatures is a sign your plumbing needs to be re-piped. This applies if, for instance, you are constantly turning the shower handle as far as it can go and still struggling to get hot water. Check the thermostat on your water heater first, and make sure your pipes are insulated from outside temperatures. If, after taking all other precautions, you still can’t achieve the water pressure you desire, re-piping is probably the best option.
  6. Water Pressure Problems: Inconsistent or low water pressure is a common symptom of pipes that are wearing down. If you notice your water pressure going from poor to worse over time, this is a strong indication that the problem isn’t with your shower head or water heater, but in your pipes.
  7. Leaky Pipes: Pipes spring leaks over time, whether because of clogs, backups, or regular wear and tear. Chances are good you will have to replace a leaky pipe at some point if you stay in your house long enough. Yet, when your pipes are old and worn down, and start to spring multiple leaks, it’s smarter in the long run to re-pipe the whole system rather than just operating on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Corroded Pipes: Corrosion is the mother of all piping issues. It can lead to bad tastes, smells, and colors, and cause leaks and other deterioration. Luckily, you can look for corrosion simply by checking your pipes on a regular basis. If they appear a little brown but basically intact, they’re probably fine. If they’re rusted-over and starting to loosen up, you should call a professional for re-piping promptly.

Keep Your Water Warm and Your Family Happy, with Smith’s Plumbing Services

From re-piping to commercial plumbing, from tankless heater installation to drain cleaning, Smith’s is your one-stop-shop for plumbing services. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and fully licensed technicians who are friendly and honest, you can always trust Smith’s to be upfront about pricing and costs. And, thanks to our comprehensive financing options, now no one in the Bartlett area has to go without affordable plumbing! Call Smith’s Plumbing Services today and see what your pipes have been missing.

We are available by phone at (901) 290-1110, or you can contact us online right here. 24/7 emergency service is also available.

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