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Blogs from November, 2016


As winter approaches and we prepare our homes for the holiday season, it is important to remember that the change of year also impacts your piping. What might be a winter wonderland to you can be a freezing nightmare for your pipes. If your pipes freeze, it is important to know what to do to avoid any damage.

Determining if you have frozen pipes is usually the first and easiest step. Chances are if you turn on your faucet full blast, but only a trickle comes out, your pipes are frozen.

Follow these steps to avoid costly damages:

  1. Turn off the main water line. Even if the cold weather hasn’t caused the pipe to freeze and leak, it is still a good idea to turn off the water just in case.
  2. Open a faucet attached to the frozen pipe. This will relieve the pressure when the pipe is thawed.
  3. If the frozen pipe is concealed within the wall you can unthaw it by using one of three tactics. One, you can use an infrared lamp to thaw the pipe through the wall; two, you can access the pipe by tearing out a section of the wall; or three, you can turn up the thermostat and wait for the pipe to thaw.
  4. If the pipe is exposed, you can heat it using an infrared heating lamp, heating pad or blanket, hair dryer, space heater, or hot towel. Do not use an open flame device, like a blowtorch or a propane heater, to warm your pipe.

If your frozen pipes cause a major problem, like a burst or leaking, contact our Bartlett plumbers at Smith's Plumbing Services. Our dedicated plumbing company has a thorough understanding of how to resolve plumbing issues quickly and effectively.

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