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Blogs from February, 2016


To avoid a major repair or complete replacement, drain cleaning should be conducted annually so your pipes will continue to properly operate. However, if any issues occur, it’s imperative to address it and schedule a drain cleaning with our Bartlett plumber immediately.

Be aware of the following signs:

  • Bad Smells – This typically occurs in kitchen drains, waste buildup can result in bad smells coming through your drains and permeating your home. Bad smells are also an indication of a problem deriving from your home’s sewer system. If the smells are strong enough to be palpable and distinct, the problem is quite substantial.
  • Calcium Deposits – Also known as “lime scale,” it is described as a white, chalky substance which develops due to hard water exposure. Calcium deposits can permanently obstruct water flow if it starts to build up. If you detect lime scale around your faucets, it’s an indication of lime scale in your pipes.
  • Slow Drainage – Over time clogs form, causing waste to stick to the sides of the drain pipe. Once the clog builds up towards the center of the pipe, the flow of water slowly restricts until it completely blocks it. Any sign that your drain is draining more slowly than normal is an indication of a developing clog.

Request your draining service by contacting us at (901) 290-1110.

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