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Blogs from January, 2023


When planning a bathroom remodel, one of the most important things to consider is how your bathroom can be made more accessible for everyone in your household. This includes those with disabilities and elderly family members.

Whether adding grab bars and non-slip flooring or widening doorways and providing easy access to the shower, designing an accessible bathroom that meets your loved one's needs is essential for maintaining safety, comfort, and independence.

If you take the time to carefully evaluate the accessibility needs of those who use your home’s bathrooms most often, you can create a bathroom that is stylish, inviting, and tailored to meet the needs of everyone under your roof.

Tips for Making Your Bathroom More Accessible

Making your bathroom more accessible can be a daunting task, but with a few simple tips you can make it much easier. By following these tips, you can make sure that your bathroom is both safe and comfortable for all users:

  • Install grab bars and a walk-in shower. Having a family member with mobility issues can present many challenges to their ability to remain independent. To help ensure their safety, installing grab bars and a walk-in shower can be important considerations. Grab bars provide stability when transitioning in and out of the bath or shower and can be surface mounted or recessed into the wall. A walk-in shower can make bathing much easier as it eliminates the need for a large risk step associated with traditional tubs. Having these features makes it possible for someone with limited mobility to bathe with greater ease and independence, knowing that they are supported by safe bathroom fixtures.
  • Contrast colors throughout your bathroom. As we age and our vision changes, interior design choices can be the difference between feeling safe and secure in your own home or feeling overwhelmed and off-balance. Utilizing contrast colors throughout a space is an effective way to make a room easier to navigate for those with vision concerns or seniors. Contrasting colors on stairs, floors, walls, and furniture can provide a greater degree of visibility for individuals who need that extra bit of help. So, if you're looking for ways to increase visual sensory input in an interior space, such as a bathroom, think about how contrast color usage could make the space more user-friendly for those who don't have perfect sight.
  • Add a raised toilet seat. Utilizing a raised toilet seat can be incredibly helpful for those who suffer from limited mobility. It is a relatively simple and inexpensive change that can make using the bathroom easier. Raised toilet seats are beneficial for many elderly people, and those with mobility issues, as they provide additional stability and support while sitting down or standing up. In addition, being able to use the bathroom independently can help restore dignity, boost confidence, and improve overall independence.

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