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Blogs from May, 2020


The experts at Smith’s Plumbing Services have encountered every plumbing problem under the sun. The most common calls we get are clogged drains caused by flushing things that should have just been thrown away.  

As a home or business owner, we know you want to make sure your plumbing system is in good condition, so you never have to deal with breakdowns. Unfortunately, many people tend to treat toilets like trash cans, flushing tons of things that should never be flushed down a toilet. From toys to personal care products, the list of items to never flush down a toilet is quite long. These things can create massive clogs, which can lead to extensive plumbing damage such as leaks, burst pipes, sewage backup, and more. If you want to avoid these serious plumbing problems, you need to know what can and cannot be flushed. Continue reading to learn more.  

What Can Be Flushed Down the Toilet? 

We understand this topic is a little sensitive, so we will keep it short and to the point. The answer to this question is simple: as little as possible! Stick to only flushing pee, poo, and paper (the three Ps!).  

What Cannot Be Flushed Down the Toilet? 

Just about anything that doesn’t fall under the category of the three Ps should not be flushed down the toilet.  

This includes

  • Flushable wipes (even those that are marketed as flushable!) 

  • Cotton balls  

  • Q-tips  

  • Band-Aids 

  • Gum  

  • Food scraps  

  • Feminine hygiene products  

  • Bleach  

  • Cat litter 

  • Paper towels  

  • Cosmetic wipes 

  • Floss  

  • Contact lenses  

  • Medication  

  • Hair  

  • Baby wipes  

  • Small toys  

  • Diapers  

  • Toilet scrub pads 

If you have to ask yourself “Can this be flushed down the toilet?” the answer is probably no.  

What to Do If Your Toilet Is Clogged 

When your toilet becomes clogged, reach out to the plumbing professionals at Smith’s Plumbing Services. With over a decade of service experience, you can bet that we have the tools, technology, and expertise necessary to clear your pipes and keep your plumbing system in the best condition possible. We are available 24/7 to provide you with help when you need it most.  

From drain cleaning to backflow services, we are your go-to team for all things plumbing!  

Reach out to our team at or contact us online to learn more about how we can take care of your plumbing system!