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Blogs from April, 2017


Your pipes are like the veins throughout your home, brining clean water in and used water and waste out to the sewer system. Much like our bodies, issues within your pipes can cause serious damage to your home if they are not fixed quickly, which can only drive your repair bill even higher and make the process more difficult. One way to prevent this from happening is to know the signs and recognize them quickly, which allows you to repair any outstanding issues before they can become serious problems.

Here are the top five symptoms of issues within your pipes and what they point to.

Contaminated Water

Does your water taste funny, have a murky color, or leave deposits in your glass or silverware? Does your skin feel excessively dry, and your hair rough and brittle? These are all signs that you may be dealing with hard water, or water that is laced with calcium. A water filtration system or water softener can help you fix this issue, which can lead to clogged pipes, health issues, and more.


Do you see an excessive amount of rust on an exposed piece of pipe (such as the bit under your sinks)? This is a sign that your pipe has oxidized and is wearing out. Rusty pipe not only leaves harmful deposits in your water but could also lead to your pipe bursting and springing a leak. Discuss a re-pipe option with a member of our team today if you are struggling with pipe rust.

Damp Walls or Floors

Your floors and walls are not supposed to be wet, especially during the dry, sunny summer season with no rain. If this is the case, you may have a leak in your walls or beneath your floor. A skilled plumber can fix this issue, and it’s imperative that you call for a repair quickly, as a pipe left alone with a slow leak has an increased chance of bursting and doing significant damage.

Household Age

Do you live in an older house? Has our house been re-piped before? If your home is older than about 25 to 30 years, you may still have original plumbing, which means you may be well overdue for a re-pipe service. This can be a substantial expense, but not doing so will only subject you to frequent repair costs later, including potentially serious issue with pipe bursting.

Low Pressure

Do you notice your water pressure is unreasonably low? This is a sign of a number of potential issues, including a blockage, a leak, or even total pipe failure. You should call a professional as soon as possible to have them locate the source of the problem and fix it before a failed pipe can cause tremendous damage to your home.

Do you need a plumbing repair? Call Smith’s Plumbing Services today! We have been in business for more than 10 years, and have provided all of our customers with high-quality repairs and services at competitive prices. We firmly believe that your complete satisfaction should be the number one priority in every job we take, and for that reason we work to repair your issue quickly and properly the first time to prevent any subsequent issues. Our technicians are all fully trained and licensed, and will provide you with an upfront estimate so you know what you will be paying right from the start.

Whether you need a repair or a full re-pipe service, call Smith’s Plumbing Services today at 901-290-1110 to schedule an appointment!
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