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Blogs from March, 2016


At Smith’s Plumbing Services, one of the most annoying plumbing issues our customers may experience is a noisy faucet. There are several reasons why noises are coming from your plumbing. Fortunately, a noisy faucet may not even require the help from a Bartlett plumber.

The following are various ways to find out the root of the problem and make the proper repairs:

  • Inspect the aerator. Perhaps, the cause of your noisy faucet could derive from the mineral deposits in the aerator, which is the screen that screws into the faucet’s tip. Just unscrew the aerator and run water through the faucet. If the noise disappears, buy a new, clean aerator and install.
  • Check on washers. Another most common cause of noisy faucets are worn out or wrongly sized washers. To replace an old washer, you must shut off the water supply and dismantle your faucet. When the handles are off, replace the old washers with the new ones that properly fit the fixture.
  • Lower water pressure. High water pressure can also cause loud sounds in your plumbing. You can test the water pressure with a pressure gauge. If it’s over 80 psi, this can be a problem. To get rid of the noise, as well as protect your pipes and appliances, install a pressure regulator on your main water line.
  • Replace plumbing system. Typically the case for older homes, the pipes themselves may be too small or have been corroded by scale and debris for quite some time. If this is the case, it’s imperative to seek professional help from an experienced Bartlett plumber.

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