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Blogs from August, 2016


Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or replacing a broken faucet, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Most people spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen preparing meals and washing dishes so choosing the right faucet is important. Below is a list of what you should look for when selecting a faucet for your kitchen.

Mounting Styles

There are three types of mounting styles to choose from when deciding what kind of faucet you would like to install in your kitchen: wall-mounted and sink mounted, and deck mounted.

Sink mounted faucets are the most commonly used faucet designs for apartments and planned housing developments. They are designed to have either one, two, three or four mounting holes. If you decide you would like to install a faucet designed with fewer holes than the one currently installed, you may want to choose a faucet that also comes with an escutcheon plate. Sink mounted faucets can be great, but the style of your sink can limit the faucet style options you have available to you.

Deck-mounted faucets are mounted directly to the countertop instead of the sink. The deck-mounted faucet gives a seamless, modern kitchen look and comes in a variety of styles. Because the faucet is not mounted to the sink, you are not limited on your choice of faucet by the holes in sink. The downside of deck-mounted faucets is that they can quickly accumulate dirt and grime in the small spaces between the faucet and the wall. To combat this, we suggest you have your Bartlett plumber install your faucet more than a finger’s width from the kitchen wall.

Wall mounted faucets are great for creating a vintage look. They also make cleaning the countertops easier as they are not mounted to the sink or countertop. If you are considering installing a wall-mounted faucet, it is extremely important your plumber install the faucet in the exact location desired. Be mindful that wall studs can affect the placement of your wall-mounted faucet.

Handle Options

There are many different handle options available when choosing a faucet. Consider how you plan to use the kitchen faucet the most. Are you an avid at-home chef regularly using your unsoiled hand to turn on the faucet? Perhaps you enjoy the precision of temperature control a two-handed faucet offers during kitchen cleanup chores.

Double hand faucet typically provides a more precise control of temperature as the controls for hot and cold are separate. These faucet types typically require three holes to install. One useful feature of the double-handed faucet is its versatility. The separate handle design allows for quick and easy style changes should you ever determine you need a change.

Single hand faucet can be great for the avid at-home chef, as it only requires the one hand or even the side of your arm to activate. This style of faucet is also great for filling large pots as the design typically features a high faucet arch. The downside to these faucets is that they do not have the precision temperature control the double-handed faucets have.

Get help from the experts

Once you’ve decided on which faucet works best for your kitchen, contact our skilled Bartlett plumber to help you correctly install the new hardware. At Smith’s Plumbing Services, we pride ourselves on being one of the most experienced, reliable plumbing companies in the Bartlett area. We’ve spent the last 10 years serving the community; we offer upfront pricing on our plumbing services, and a low $59 dispatch fee.

Schedule your plumbing services today. Call us at (901) 290-1110.

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