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Blogs from July, 2022


Clogged drains are never a good thing. While minor clogged drains are annoying, some clogs are much more serious. For instance, if your sewer line becomes clogged, it can lead to a wide variety of problems and will require immediate attention. However, in some cases, especially if you don’t know the signs to look for, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a clogged toilet or sink drain and a clogged sewer line.

4 Signs Your Sewer Line Is Clogged

Telling the difference between a clogged sewer line and any number of other plumbing problems can be difficult at times. However, if you know what signs to look for, it can be easier than many people realize to identify a clogged sewer line. The following are four signs your sewer line is clogged:

  1. Slow drains. If you only have a clogged kitchen sink or shower drain, it may just be due to that particular drain getting clogged. However, if multiple drains around your home are clogged, you could very well have a clogged sewer line.
  2. Backed up toilets and sinks. Like the slow drains, if one toilet or one sink backs up, it may just be an isolated issue. However, if you find that multiple toilets and sinks around your home are backing up, there’s a good chance that your sewer line is clogged.
  3. Flooding. Sewer lines are buried several feet below ground and usually under your yard. If your sewer line is clogged, parts of your yard may flood as sewage from your sewer line rises up and forms puddles in your yard. This flooding will be accompanied by an unpleasant odor.
  4. Bad odors. If your sewer line is clogged, you will often notice a bad odor coming from your drains. It is the smell of waste being pushed back up your sewer line.

Our Experienced Plumbers Can Help!

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