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Blogs from September, 2022


Flushing your water heater may not be something you’ve ever even thought about before, but it can be one of the most important duties a homeowner completes on an annual basis. If you don’t flush your water heater regularly, it can lead to all sorts of hot water and plumbing issues. So, if you haven’t in a while, or you never have, you need to have your water heater flushed as soon as possible, and you also need to learn how often to have it flushed moving forward.

Why You Need to Flush Your Water Heater

Generally, you probably only give your water heater attention if something bad happens regarding your home’s hot water. However, having your water heater flushed once or twice a year can help prevent it from giving you problems, such as:

  • Lower Efficiency – Because water heaters heat from the bottom, if sediment builds up on the bottom of the tank, it can make it more difficult for the water heater to do its job. This is because not only must the water heater heat up the water, but it also must heat up the sediment. This makes the entire process less efficient. If the water heater is flushed, then that sediment doesn’t build up on the bottom of the tank and the water heater doesn’t lose efficiency.
  • Lower Capacity – If your water heater isn’t flushed regularly, sediment builds up in the tank, which leaves less room for water. This leads to your water heater having less capacity for hot water. That can result in your hot water running out while you’re using it, such as when you’re taking a hot shower.
  • Lower Water Pressure – If a water heater isn’t flushed, sediment doesn’t just build up in the tank. Sediment and hard water residue can also build up in the pipes connected to a water heater if it isn’t flushed from time to time. This can result in the pipes leading away from the water heater being narrowed or blocked, which can lead to a decrease in hot water pressure throughout the home.

Having Trouble with Your Water Heater? We Can Help. Get in Touch with Us Today!

For over a decade, Smith’s Plumbing Services has been helping homeowners and businesses in Memphis with water heater repair and replacement. Our experienced plumbers know what it takes to make your water heater problems a thing of the past. Whether your water heater needs to be flushed, repaired, or replaced, Smith’s Plumbing Services can get the job done. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and several reviews from satisfied customers.

To discuss your situation with our experienced plumbers in Memphis, call Smith’s Plumbing Services at (901) 290-1110 or contact us online today. We offer upfront pricing and coupons, and we’re available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies.

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