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Blogs from January, 2022

garbage disposal

The first thing that people jump to when they think about garbage disposal replacements is the blades. Naturally, you would think that dull, worn-down blades would be the main reason to install a new disposal. However, this is not strictly true. For starters, garbage disposals technically have “impellers,” not blades. We know this distinction may not sound like a big deal, but it’s important to clarify that the way these devices actually dispose of food is by using the impeller to push food waste to the outer shredder ring. From there, it goes to the housing chamber, before eventually going out through the connected drain line.

In actuality, the reason a garbage disposal usually needs to be replaced is because of a bad motor. While most of the other components can be replaced, much like a car, once the motor breaks down the machine is pretty much done for. Knowing when a motor breaks down can be tricky, but it’s important to keep an eye out for the signs you need to replace your disposal, as a failing appliance can lead to bad clogs and a nasty mess.

The top seven signs it’s time to replace your garbage disposal are:

  1. The kitchen sink is frequently clogged
  2. The disposal makes a loud grinding sound every time it runs
  3. The disposal makes a humming noise when it runs
  4. The disposal frequently trips its reset button (located on the bottom of the unit)
  5. The disposal is leaking water
  6. The disposal is running slower than normal
  7. The disposal needs constant repairs

Call Smith’s Plumbing Services to Upgrade Your Garbage Disposal Today

If your garbage disposal’s motor does wear out, feel free to call Smith’s Plumbing Services to install a cutting-edge new one. We offer a full range of plumbing fixtures from the leading brands and top manufacturers on the market. Plus, with money-saving specials and a variety of payment options, you can always afford quality plumbing equipment with Smith’s Plumbing Services.

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