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Blogs from January, 2020

Smith's Plumbing Services

Your kitchen and your bathroom are the two places in your home where you interact most with your plumbing system. However, these rooms are also the most vulnerable to the effects of winter, and can get too cold in the coming months if you are not careful. Keep reading to learn the top kitchen and bathroom plumbing tips for winter, and remember that you can trust Smith’s Plumbing Services for all your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs.

The Top 5 Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Tips for Winter Are:

  1. Use Rugs: Making sure you are lining the tile or linoleum on your bathroom and kitchen floors not only cuts down on mess and adds aesthetic value, but also helps seal in heat. To protect your pipes and drain lines, make sure there are warm rugs covering the flooring in your bathroom and kitchen.
  2. Seal Doors & Windows: Around 35% of the heat generated by your HVAC system escapes through cracks in your windows and doors. You should keep these areas sealed as much as possible to prevent this from happening, so the pipes in your kitchen and bathroom are not slowed down by cold temperatures.
  3. Check Your Water Heater: Making sure your water heater is in good condition is important year-round, though it is particularly essential during the coldest months of the year, when your system will have to work harder to accommodate your increased need. Without a working water heater, you will have a difficult time cooking, cleaning, and bathing, so for the sake of your kitchen and bathroom routine, it’s better to check/flush out your water heater (or to have a plumber inspect it) before it gets too cold out.
  4. Insulate Your Pipes: We’ve talked before about the value of insulating your pipes on this blog, and no time of the year does this hold truer than during the winter. In your bathroom and your kitchen, pipes that are not properly insulated are extremely vulnerable to freezing, which will not only leave you without any water, but could also cause your pipes to burst.
  5. Have Your Drains Cleaned: By calling a plumber for drain cleaning at the beginning of winter, you can catch issues that may make your pipes more vulnerable to freezing and other problems, saving you money on costly property damage repairs down the line.

For more information about how to protect your kitchen and bathroom plumbing this winter, call Smith’s Plumbing Services now at (901) 290-1110, or click here to request a plumbing service online.