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Blogs from August, 2023

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The bathtub is not just a fixture in your bathroom, but a centerpiece that can complement the overall theme and visual appeal of your space. Not to mention the fact that a soak in a relaxing bathtub can be the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Unless your bathtub needs to be replaced. A cracked or damaged bathtub not only looks unsightly but can also be hazardous to use. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some signs to look for to determine if your bathtub is no longer adequate and needs to be replaced.

Signs Your Bathtub Needs to Be Replaced

When it comes to deciding whether to replace your bathtub, you can often rely on a few simple observations:

  • Visible Damage: The most obvious sign that your bathtub needs to be replaced is visible damage. This could include cracks or chips in the bathtub itself or the surrounding tiles. Larger cracks can be dangerous, especially if water seeps through them and causes damage to the subflooring. In addition, small chips can eventually turn into larger cracks over time and should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Leaking or Poor Drainage: If your bathtub is leaking or draining slowly, it could be a sign of a bigger issue. The caulking around your tub may need to be replaced, or there could be a problem with the drain itself. If these issues persist, it may be time to consider a full replacement.
  • Stains or Discoloration: Over time, your bathtub may develop stains or discoloration that cannot be removed with traditional cleaning methods. This can make your tub look unsightly and reduce the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. If this is the case, investing in a new tub may be the best way to restore the look of your space.
  • Mold or Mildew: If mold or mildew is growing in or around your bathtub, it can be hazardous to your health. It can be especially difficult to remove when the growth has spread to the subflooring or surrounding walls. Replacing the tub can be a simple way to start with a fresh surface and reduce the likelihood of future mold growth.
  • Wear and Tear: If your bathtub has been in heavy use over the years or is showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time for an upgrade. A new tub not only improves the look of your space but also provides added safety and comfort.

If you’re interested in installing a new bathtub, Smith’s Plumbing Services can help. Whether you want to remodel your bathroom or just want to replace your tub, we’ve got you covered. No bathroom remodeling project is too large or small for our team.

Please don't hesitate to call our bathroom remodeling specialists at (901) 290-1110 or contact us online with any questions.

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