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Blogs from October, 2019


Are you sick of hearing noises coming from your faucets, showers, and pipes? Plumbing sounds may not always indicate that there’s a problem with your system, but it’s still better to be proactive, and try to understand what’s going on with your equipment. Learn the sources of and how to stop plumbing noises here, from our skilled Memphis plumbers at Smith's Plumbing Services. 

What to Know About Plumbing Noises:

  • Dripping Faucets: Everyone has heard that drip, drip, drip of water coming from their faucet occasionally. This can be very annoying—especially if you hear the dripping noise continue long after you have turned your appliance off. Yet it’s important to remember that dripping sound also means wasted water—which translates into wasted money. If your faucet persists in dripping, you may want to consider purchasing a new washer. It may also be a good idea to just replace the faucet altogether, if it is over 20-years-old and continually loses water.
  • Squeaking Faucets: A squeaking faucet is frustrating, but fortunately, it’s usually a fairly minor issue. Again, there’s a chance your faucet just needs a new washer, though it’s also possible your faucet stem threads have worn down. Our talented Memphis team can usually help this with a little plumbing grease, or, if the noise persists and your faucet is old anyway, install an affordable new one.
  • Whistling Pipes: A ghostly pipe whistle can be very alarming, especially if that whistle turns into a high-pitched shriek. The good news is your plumbing system is not haunted. The bad news is there are several reasons that howling sound may be occurring. It’s possible you have air in your pipes, in which case you will want to close your system’s water shutoff valve, then run your faucet until it is completely drained. This will also help remove debris from your system. Flushing your pipes out with water is another solid way to get rid of obstructions. You may also want to adjust your water pressure regulator, so that certain fixtures receive a different flow rate than others. If the whistling continues beyond that, you should call a plumber.
  • Rattling Pipes: Rattling pipes may also feel like a ghostly occurrence, but rest assured, they usually aren’t too scary to deal with. Just call a plumber to tighten your pipes, and that rattling should stop. On rare occasions, if your piping has been worn down after years of use, you may need to consider re-piping service.
  • Rumbling Showers: That rumbling sound that happens when you are trying to take your morning shower can be very alarming. This is likely occurring because of a nasty sediment buildup. Consider flushing out your water heater to get rid of any minerals and limescale in your system, and if the problem persists, call for drain cleaning service.

Don’t Let Plumbing Noises Creep You Out This Halloween. Call Smith’s Plumbing Services!

Plumbing noises may be scary, but the most terrifying thing this Halloween would be failing to call for a plumber before it’s too late. Contact Smith’s Plumbing Services for a full range of repairs, maintenance, and installations, guaranteed to help you prevent sewage issues, overflowing toilets, and other plumbing horror stories. And remember, you can always count on our Memphis plumbing team for helpful tricks and money-saving treats!

Call Smith’s Plumbing Services 24/7 at (901) 290-1110, or click here to send us a message online.

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