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Whistling Toilet

What to Know About a Whistling Toilet

Whistling Toilet

Let’s face it, no one wants to hear a whistling toilet even if it’s on key. But what exactly is causing your toilet to whistle every time you flush? To answer your question in the simplest way, the whistling sound is usually caused by a faulty fill valve. Age and usage often cause this piece to deteriorate, hence the sound. Let us get into more detail about what a fill valve is, how it works, and how it can cause your toilet to whistle.

How Does a Toilet Fill Valve Work?

Inside your toilet's tank, there is a fill valve that regulates the amount of water that enters the tank after flushing. The ball, positioned at the end of a metal armature, drops as soon as you flush the toilet, opening the aperture on the other end of the armature. When the water rises, the aperture gradually closes and eventually shuts off water entering the tank.

What Causes A Whistling Toilet?

Are you wondering exactly what is causing your toilet to whistle? To answer your question, let us get into the details. If the gasket or the parts of your toilet's fill valve are old and worn, they may vibrate. The vibration transfers to the armature and ball, thus causing the high-pitched sound - or in other words, a whistling toilet. The vibration stops only when the aperture closes completely.

A high-pitched sound when your toilet refills could mean the following:

  • The fill valve requires a new gasket
  • You need a new fill valve

Replace the Fill Valve to Eliminate Toilet Whistling

Are you looking to stop that whistling sound coming from your toilet every time you flush once and for all? The key lies in replacing the fill valve. Since replacing valves are inexpensive and easy to install, getting a new fill valve is the best option. Most new valves are comprised of all-plastic parts, which prevents them from whistling.

The following are the proper steps to replace the valve:

  1. Shut off the water and empty the tank.
  2. Unscrew the old valve from the bottom of the tank.
  3. Adjust the new one to fill to the adequate level and screw it in.

At Smith's Plumbing Services, we understand that plumbing emergencies can come up at the most inopportune moments. Our skilled Memphis plumbers work quickly and efficiently to provide lasting solutions for all of your plumbing problems. If you want to repair your toilet and make that whistling sound come to an end, give us a call, and our team of professional plumbers can get it fixed for you in no time.

If you are still experiencing problems with your toilet, contact our licensed Bartlett plumber at Smith’s Plumbing Services today.

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