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Blogs from December, 2016


If you need to replace your entire plumbing system, you might be wondering what kind of pipes would be best for your home.

First, you must review the home inspection report you received when you purchased your home to see what type of pipes you have. If you can’t find the report, you can have a licensed plumber conduct an inspection of your plumbing system.

The following are the types of plumbing pipes and their respective lifespans:

  • Supply Pipes
    • Brass – 40-70+ years
    • Copper – 50+ years
    • Galvanized Steel – 20-50 years
  • Drain Lines
    • Cast Iron – 75-100 years
    • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – Indefinitely

While the majority of pipe materials perform effectively for decades, they may begin to leak once they reach their respective lifespans. If your home has polybutylene piping, have a plumber take a look at them since they are prone to breaking. If you suspect your home has lead water pipers, you can have the water tested and the piping system replaced if the water is positive for lead.

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