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Blogs from April, 2016


Purchasing a new toilet can be a thrilling experience, since most homeowners may never install one throughout their time in a particular residence. With something as important as a toilet, since you depend on comfort and quality for everyday use, proper installation is necessary towards a job well done.

Make sure you take the proper measurements in order to buy a model which fits. Then when choosing a model, get one that’s equipped with a full kit that comes with all the necessary bolts and new wax seal. Before installation, completely clean the floor of any wax or grime.

The following are steps to successfully install your toilet on your own:

  1. Based on the model you possess, install bolts into the floor or flange surrounding the soil pipe.
  2. Flip the bowl upside down and arrange the wax ring around the hole located on the bottom.
  3. Turn the bowl back facing up and set in in place on top of the soil pipe.
  4. While tightening the bolts, alternate between tightening the nuts and lightly moving the toilet to firmly plant it into the ground.
  5. If your toilet possesses a separate tank, install it on the bowl and refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Ensure securing the gasket without water leaking.
  6. Screw in the toilet seat.
  7. Once the toilet is assembled and secured, connect the supply line and turn on the water flow. The water should fill the tank, as opposed to running into the bowl. If it does run, you must make adjustments to the flapper or float within the tank.
  8. Lastly, flush the handle and observe how the tank empties into the bowl. If necessary, adjust the chain and overflow pipe until you’re comfortable with the results.

If you encounter any problems or need more information, contact our Bartlett plumber today and schedule a service.

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