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Blogs from January, 2021

Root Intrusion

Root intrusion is when tree or shrub roots start to grow around or even into the sewer lines in your yard. This happens because the roots are attracted to the moisture in your lines, which acts as a kind of natural fertilizer. If you are dealing with root intrusion, it is extremely important to call a plumber right away, as waiting to deal with this issue can cause a ton of problems for your property, including toxic sewage leaks and serious wastewater damage. However, it can be tricky to spot root intrusion until it’s too late, since your sewer lines are buried in your yard. Keep reading for the top signs you’re dealing with root intrusion, and remember that Smith’s Plumbing Services is always here when you need quality sewer repair.

Top 5 Signs of Root Intrusion

  1. Strange Smells: If you notice a persistent sewage smell around your property, there is a good chance a rupture has occurred in your sewer line. You may notice this toxic odor in your yard or coming up from your drains. And speaking of drains…
  2. Slow Drains: Slow drains can be a sign of many plumbing problems, including clogs, leaks, and even water supply issues. If, however, your drains are slow and there is a strange smell coming from them, then the problem may lie within your sewer line.
  3. Back-Ups: Back-ups are no joking matter. While everyone has dealt with a backed up drain at some point, if your sewer line is experiencing root intrusion, you could actually end up with sewage water coming out of your drains. If this happens in your home, make sure you call a professional to inspect your sewer line right away.
  4. Increased Rodent/Insect Activity: Rodents and insects are naturally attracted to dirty areas, which means that if a sewage leak occurs, they may flock to your property. So if you have noticed increased rats, mice, or bugs inside or outside of your house, it is quite possible the problem stems from root intrusion.
  5. Moist Green Spots In Your Yard: When root intrusion occurs, sewage water may seep up through your soil and into your grass. The result of this is notice lush, particularly green patches in your yard. These fertilized pockets of grass are extremely important to watch out for, as they may not only tell you that you have experienced root intrusion, but where in particular the problem has occurred.

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