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Blogs from February, 2021

Rusty Toilet

as your drains, fixtures, and even your water heater. Sometimes, you will have to call a plumber to replace your pipes or other plumbing appliances when too much rust builds up. Other times, however, you may be able to get rid of rust yourself. This is particularly useful knowledge when it comes to your toilet, where you may be able to avoid rust almost entirely with some extra care. Keep reading to learn how to prevent and remove rust in your toilet bowl, courtesy of our experienced plumbers at Smith’s Plumbing Services.

The Right Way to Get Rid of Rust Stains

Rust is caused by high levels of iron and other elements and minerals in your water supply. You may be able to slow down the rusting process somewhat by installing a whole-house water softener. You can also help reduce rust in your plumbing by upgrading your system from old iron pipes with copper or PEX piping. And of course, one simple way to reduce rust around your household is simply to watch your water usage.

To clean rust stains, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Don’t use bleach. Even though it’s often effective at getting rid of serious stains, using bleach on a rust stain is more likely to just make it worse.
  2. Make sure that you have something to scrub with that is tough enough to chip away at rust stains but not so tough that it will scratch your toilet bowl’s porcelain. A non-abrasive brush is usually ideal.
  3. When looking for a cleaning solution, consider making your own out of one part vinegar, one part water, and three parts baking soda. This should create a kind of paste that is strong enough to remove serious stains without damaging your equipment.
  4. Make sure to wear protective eye/hand gear. Even if you are just using a cleaning solution that was created with materials at your house, goggles and gloves are still ideal to help keep yourself clean and safe throughout the scrubbing process.
  5. Turn off your water supply and remove most of the water from the toilet bowl. You definitely don’t want any water in your bowl accidentally splashing back on you, plus excess water will get in the way of your scrubbing. The valve to turn off your toilet’s water supply is usually located in back of the bowl, and if you cannot find that, turn off the water supply for your home entirely.
  6. If your homemade cleaning solution doesn’t work, purchase a commercial cleaning product such as Borax. This should be tough enough to remove most rust stains.
  7. Thoroughly clean up your work area when you are done. You definitely don’t want to find any excess rust or water lying around after you finish cleaning, and for general health and wellness, it’s always best to keep your bathroom sanitary.

Smith’s Plumbing Services Is Here for All Your Bathroom Needs

At Smith’s Plumbing Services, we will happily upgrade you to a new toilet, or any other fixture, if you are not successfully able to remove all the rust. We also offer flexible financing options, so you can always afford our services. And with 24/7 emergency appointments, there’s never a bad time to call our experts at Smith’s Plumbing Services.

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