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Blogs from February, 2020

Plumbing & Pests

Pests and plumbing problems go together like the chicken and the egg—it doesn’t matter which came first, the point is that one tends to follow the other. The important thing is to be watchful for when you’ve got unwanted guests in your home, since critters crawling through your pipes and drains are not only bad for your plumbing, but can cause major damage to your entire property and pose nasty health risks for your family. Keep reading to learn how to protect your plumbing system from pests, and make sure to call Smith’s Plumbing Services for a variety of solutions.

The Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing System from Pests

  1. Seal Off Entrances & Exits: Rodents like mice and rats can work their wat through even the tiniest cracks. Because of this, it’s important to seal the doors and windows throughout your home as much as possible and to repair any cracks or damage regularly. You can also use door sweeps and weather stripping for extra security. If there are holes or tears in your windows or screens, make sure they are replaced, and patch up bigger openings with mesh, wood, and concrete. You should also wrap the vents on your roof and around your house with screen mesh to keep squirrels and other animals out. And remember, the older your plumbing system is, the greater the chance it will have problems and that pests will be drawn to it, so you should never neglect the health of your pipes and drains.
  2. Inspect Leaky Areas: Rodents and insects are naturally drawn to moisture and humidity. This is why it’s extremely important to make sure you don’t have any leaks in your crawlspace, garage, basement, laundry room, attic, shed, or any other storage closets and utility spaces. Luckily, our skilled plumbers offer leak detection, so you can stop pests from getting in before you’ve got an infestation on your hands.
  3. Be Careful During Remodels: As Smith’s Plumbing Services knows firsthand, home remodeling presents a lot of unique challenges. For instance, termites may be drawn to wooden structures if they are not kept dry. Mice and rats can find their way in while your equipment is being replaced. And of course, open pipes are a perfect entryway for bugs and rodents if you are not careful. Again, make sure to remain mindful of all this during remodeling projects—unless you want to pay for expensive repairs later on.

Our Plumbers Can Help You Fight Off Pests

The final thing every responsible homeowner should do to protect their property from pests is to hire an experienced plumber. At Smith’s Plumbing Services, we know how to inspect your plumbing system to ensure everything is secure. We offer new construction work that safeguards against pest infestations, as well as pipe replacements and sewer repairs if pests are making their way into your property. Keep your house safe and clean at all times, and let our experts at Smith’s Plumbing Services help you fight off creepy crawlies of all kinds.

Smith’s Plumbing Services accepts calls 24/7 at (901) 290-1110, or you can contact us online for information about financing and more.