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Blogs from November, 2017


With temperatures dropping, odds are you’re probably going to start ramping up your usage of your water heater soon, but is your heater ready for it? Here are four things you should take into consideration when determining whether your water heater is ready for the challenge or if you might be at risk of experiencing a major issue.

Unit Age

Do you know how old your water heater is? If not, you may be in for a rude awakening sooner than you think. A water heater generally has a lifespan expectancy of roughly 10 years before they wear out, spring leaks, and need to be replaced, so if your heater is approaching this age, you may want to start monitoring it more closely. If you’re not sure how old it is, look at the serial number—the first digit (usually a letter) will represent the month the unit was manufactured, and the next two letters will be the year.

Water Condition

When you turn on your hot water, does the water that flow from your tap come out clean? If not, then you’re probably already experiencing a serious issue with your water heater. Over time, the tank in your water heater will rust away and wear out. When this happens, your heater will likely start to leak soon. Leaky heaters can deal tremendous damage to your home and are likewise at risk of an even bigger, more serious breakdown sooner rather than later. Get your heater replaced as soon as possible.

Strange Noises

Over time, deposits in water will gradually accumulate and build up in the bottom of your water heater tank. As these deposits are heated up time and time again, they will eventually harden. Hardened sediment will often collide with your water heater tank, resulting in rumbling or banging sounds coming from your heater as it fills and heats up. While a small amount of this noise is ok, large amounts of noise is a sign that your heater is on its last legs.

Signs of Leakage

Are you noticing water stains on the walls or floor around your water heater? What about unexplained standing water near it? These are all signs that your water heater has sprung a leak, which could get worse at any time. As you heat your tank, the metal will continue to expand and contract, leading to cracks worsening and leaks getting more serious.

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