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Blogs from May, 2017


While there are far more modern pipe materials in this day and age, many people still install and use clay pipes. Despite the contemporary alternatives, these traditional plumbing installations are still used today because of their environmentally friendly nature, as well as the fact they are impervious to certain acids, as opposed to cast iron pipes which may rust or degrade over time.

Clay piping is useful in some instances because it is resistant to the destructive nature of acidic waste water. However, there is a reason the technology has advanced beyond clay piping and into more current materials. There are certainly problems which may arise with the use of clay pipes, and these cons significantly outweigh the few pros they offer.

Here are a few reasons why clay pipes may present you with problems in the future:

  • Difficult to work with – Clay is not lightweight or smooth, making it difficult to securely connect.
  • Difficult to transport – Due to its heaviness, clay plumbing requires heavy-duty transport vehicles and thus can result in quite costly shipping costs.
  • Susceptible to root intrusion – Despite the fact it can resist acid, clay can’t resist nature. Small tree roots can enter loose clay plumbing joints, breaking the clay as time goes on.
  • Susceptible to leaks – Clay crumbles. This may result in expensive sewer repairs down the line.
  • Low tensile strength – Clay is difficult to crush because it is highly compressive. However, this also means it can snap under intense pressure. Preventing this is expensive, as it requires the extra procedure of encasing the clay in concrete.

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If you currently have clay pipes installed and they have become infested with tree roots, you will need the help of an experienced and thorough Bartlett plumbing contractor to help resolve this issue. At Smith’s Plumbing services, our expert plumbers will provide you with honest, reliable, and trustworthy advice regarding your property’s plumbing. Whether you are looking to remove your clay pipes or simply update your entire plumbing system, our skilled Bartlett plumbing contractors are here to help.

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