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Blogs from July, 2017


If you’re like any typical homeowner you probably don’t think much about your toilets on a day-to-day basis. You trust them to work and so long as you properly maintain them, for the most part they will. However, you likely notice them a lot more if you start experiencing frequent issues. If you find you’re having to fix toilet problems more frequently, it might be time for a new commode. Here are a few tell-tale signs you should look for a replacement.

Constant Running

Have you ever heard your toilet turn on when it hasn’t been used? This is usually a sign of a leak or worn out stopper mechanism causing the tank to slowly drain. In some cases this is an easy fix, but an older toilet can develop leaks that are nearly impossible to fully seal without a major and expensive repair. If you continually have to track down a leak to get your toilet to stop running, you should probably consider purchasing a full replacement.

Difficulty Cleaning

Is your bathroom toilet an eyesore, no matter how much you scrub it? Over time, scratches in the finished porcelain surface can lead to staining and discoloration, meaning you’ll find yourself cleaning your toilet more and more, particularly if it’s one that sees heavy use in your home. You may be able to spare yourself a ton of extra maintenance (and expenditures in cleaning supplies) by simply replacing an old toilet with a new one. You’ll also love the facelift a new toilet can give to an old bathroom.

Frequent Clogging

Many toilets grow old and become incapable of handling a flush like they used to. Do you find you’re constantly having to flush multiple times to completely clear out all of the water or waste? It may not be that your pipes are clogged; it could just be an aging commode. You’ll find that a replacement will be able to handle your needs with a single flush far better.

Frequent Repairs

Is your toilet giving you yet another issue, different from the last several? If you find you’re constantly trying to figure out what’s wrong with your toilet in order to fix it, you might be better of simply installing a new one. What better way to fix all of your issues at once than by doing away with them entirely and starting fresh from scratch, right? In some cases, depending on the issues, this may actually prove to be the cheaper option as well.

Small Cracks

Believe it or not, even the smallest hairline crack in the porcelain of your toilet can be a huge warning sign that you should replace it immediately. You might only notice a small crack after a few drops of water have fallen out of it. However, even the slowest of leaks through one of these cracks will eventually grow, becoming bigger, eventually ending with a total failure and flood of your bathroom. If you spot a crack, replace the toilet as soon as possible.

High Water Usage

Are your water bills much higher than you’d like them to be? New, water-smart plumbing features may be the answer you need. Low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators, and low-flow, high-efficiency toilets can all help you use less water while doing the job you need them to do. If you have an old, outdated toilet, you might be surprised just how well a new one can handle anything you throw at it with a single flush, all while using less water than your old one as well.

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