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Blogs from October, 2016


Your waterline is the pipe that carries water from the municipal water to your house. The fresh water you use for your dishes and drink is the water provided from your waterline. If your waterline is damaged below are some of the most common causes of waterline damage.

  • Tree roots: Tree roots are incredibly strong, and they will do whatever it takes to find water to supply the tree. Tree roots can break through small cracks in your piping and grow stronger as the water from the main line feeds them. Sometimes, tree roots will grow so strong they will wrap around your pipes and crush them.
  • Limescale: If your area has hard water, limescale could be a threat to your pipes. Hard water is very high in magnesium and calcium content which can build up along the sides of the waterline and given enough time, cause blockages. By scheduling regular maintenance with your Bartlett plumber, you could avoid costly water main line repairs.
  • Shifting ground: Even slightly shifting ground could cause a break in the waterline.
  • Freezing: Though it takes a significant cold season to freeze your waterline, it is possible. If your pipes freeze, the crystals could cause incredible amounts of pressure on them causing them to burst.
  • Corrosion: Most pipes are designed to have a protective barrier around their walls but over time minerals can corrode the barrier and cause the pipes to break down.
  • Aging: Over the last 100 years, houses have been built with various types of metal piping which all last varying amounts of time before they have to be replaced. If you are moving into a new home, scheduling an expert plumber to check on the health of your waterline is a good idea. Waterline repairs can be extremely costly, which is why it is critical to have a plumber check on the health of the pipeline regularly.

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