How Come My Water Tastes Awful?

A major concern for homeowners is the quality of their water, especially those who source comes from a well. Whether yours comes from one nearby or from a municipal water line, it’s imperative to understand what the water contains. One of the obvious indications of a water quality problem is the taste of the water. If you find yourself cringing whenever you take a sip of water, then it’s imperative to seek treatment.

The following are ways to deal with water issues:

  • Test your water. The first thing you should do is conduct a professional test with a water treatment specialist in order to have your water evaluated, providing information for you to come up with a decision for the next course of action. Even though a bad taste may mean something, it may not be actually harmful.
  • Purchase a water purification system or water filtration unit. A water test should provide information about whether or not your water is contaminated by either excessive minerals or unwanted chemicals. Investing in a whole-house purification or filtration system is your best bet of having a quality water used in your home.
  • Invest in a water softening system. Since hard water contains calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals that can cause your home’s piping to clog over time, your water appliances to erode, and your water to taste a little funny. While hard water is not necessarily harmful, it can lead to substantial damage to your plumbing system. Since repiping and replacement are quite expensive, purchasing a water softener can make a positive difference.

If the water tastes awful in your home, contact Smith’s Plumbing Services and schedule an appointment with our Bartlett plumber today.